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Two-stage sector sampling for estimating small woodlot attributes  [2011]

Corona, Piermaria Fattorini, Lorenzo Franceschi, Sara

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A two-stage sampling strategy is proposed to assess small woodlots outside the forests scattered on extensive territories. The first stage is performed to select a sample of small woodlots using fixed-size sampling schemes, and the second stage is performed to sample trees within woodlots selected at first stage. Usually, fixed- or variable-area plots are adopted to sample trees. However, the use of plot sampling in small patches such as woodlots is likely to induce a relevant amount of bias owing to edge effects. In this framework, sector sampling proves to be particularly effective. The present paper investigates the statistical properties of two-stage sampling strategies for estimating forest attributes of woodlot populations when sector sampling is adopted at the second stage. A two-stage estimator of population totals is derived together with a conservative estimator of its sampling variance. By means of a simulation study, the performance of the proposed estimator is checked and compared with that achieved using traditional plot sampling with edge corrections. Simulation results prove the adequacy of sector sampling and provide some guidelines for the effective planning of the strategy. In some countries, the proposed strategy can be performed with few modifications within the framework of large-scale forest inventories.


Canadian journal of forest research

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