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Wild Wunderpus photogenicus and Octopus cyanea employ asphyxiating ‘constricting’ in interactions with other octopuses  [2015]

Huffard, Christine L.; Bartick, Mike;

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Aggressive constricting including asphyxiation was observed in wild octopuses (Octopus cyanea Gray, 1849, and Wunderpus photogenicus Hochberg, Norman & Finn, 2006). The distal portion of a dorsolateral arm formed a loop around the mantle of another octopus, in at least one case preventing the flow of water into the mantle, over the gills and out of the funnel. Constricting also may have prevented the subordinate individual from releasing ink, a possible irritant and predator attractant. A female O. cyanea used constricting as a form of fatal aggression to asphyxiate a male as part of apparent sexual cannibalism. This female killed a male with which she was mating using the ‘distance’ position. Constriction allowed a W. photogenicus to win during physical interspecific aggression with a close relative, Thaumoctopus mimicus Norman & Hochberg, 2005. This action took place near an immediately available food source and interrupted foraging by T. mimicus , providing possible evidence of interference competition among closely related sympatric cephalopod species in the wild.

استعراض النص الكامل


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" Wild Wunderpus photogenicus and Octopus cyanea employ asphyxiating ‘constricting’ in interactions with other octopuses "


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