Written Paper

Feeding activities of forest breeding mosquitoes, particular reference to Aedes alboscutellatus  [1981]

Hong, H.K. (National Inst. of Health, Seoul (Korea R.). Office of Japanese Encephalities Research) Lee, H.P. (Dongguk Univ., Seoul (Korea R.). Dept. of Agrobiology)

استعراض النص الكامل

Study on feeding activities of the forest breeding mosquitoes were done at the public recreation ground in the Kwangneung National forest (Korea R.) in the summer season of 1977. Two genera and six species of the mosquitoes were collected from the human bait collection. Aedes alboscutellatus is the species of most frequent human biter (85.3%) and showed the feeding activities of 24 hours through day and night with two peaks between 20:00-22:00 and 04:00-06:00 hours. Man biting ratios of the mosquitoes collected by human bait collection were 33 to Aedes alboscutellatus, 2.3 to Aedes koreicus, 0.7 to Aedes nipponicus and Aedes vexans, and 1.0 to Culex orientalis and Culex pipiens.