Written Paper

Combined determination of bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos (Pyrinex Super preparation) in sugar beet tops and roots by gas-chromatographic method  [2009]

Bykovskij, A.V., National Academy of Sciences. Scientific and Practical Center for Arable Farming (Belarus). Institute of Plant Protection

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The presence of the identification methods of active pesticides which could be recommended for crop protection against harmful organisms and weeds proved to be the necessary condition for imported preparations registration and their residue control in the produced products. Results of studies of the development of a method for the combined determination of active ingredients (bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos) of the insecticide Pyrinex Super (emulsion concentrate; Makhteshim Chemical Work LTD, Israel) in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) tops and roots which could be recommended for crop protection against pests were presented. There was realized the analysis of physical and chemical properties of substances which composed the above mentioned preparation, which made it possible to develop the common method for their combined isolation from the analyzed sample, as well as for the extract clarification and combined chromatographic determination conditions. Chromatogram of sugar beet crops after application of bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos was presented. The results obtained after the presented method application met the requirements which were claimed to methods of pesticide residues determination