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Tetrazolium test for the seeds of Salvia splendens and S. farinacea  [1996]

Kuo, W.H.J. (National Taiwan University, Taipei (China). Department of Agronomy) Yan, A.C. Leist, N.

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Procedures and evaluation criteria of the tetrazolium test on the seeds of Salvia splendens Sell ex Roem. and Schult., and S. farinacea Benth. were studied. Decoating was found necessary for satisfactory staining. Soaking the naked embryo in 0.5 % TTC solution and incubating at 37.5 deg C for 30 minutes yielded good results. Six staining patterns were recognized. The viable categories of each pattern were determined by the root mean square method. Three patterns represented viable and three non-viable seeds

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Proceedings of the International Seed Testing Association

ISSN : 0251-0952