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L'ISMEA (Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare) è un ente pubblico economico istituito con l'accorpamento dell'Istituto per Studi, Ricerche e Informazioni sul Mercato Agricolo (già ISMEA) e della Cassa per la Formazione della Proprietà Contadina, con decreto legislativo 29 ottobre 1999 n. 419, concernente il 'riordinamento del sistema degli enti pubblici nazionali'.  

Journal Article

Journal article

Minor crops. Regulation on pesticides use in Switzerland and other European countries  [1995]

Lauber, H.P. (Eidogenoessische Forschungsaustalt fuer Obst-, Wein- und Gartenbau, Waedensvil (Switzerland));

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Pesticides registration is made easier in Switzerland because pubblic research institutions have authority in this field. Problems involved in the registration process of a pesticide require work integration beyond agronomists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists and physicists. For example, in studying the degradative behaviour of a pesticide in soil, various factors as active ingredient concentration, physical and chemical composition of soil and other biological events, may affect shiftings of degradation curve from ideal pattern. It is necessary to acquire such knowledges before proceeding in a pesticide registration. The high costs of these studies discourage pesticide producers in requiring registration for minor crops. In Switzerland, research institutions can promote employement extension of a pesticide on minor crops on the ground of their experimentations. Experimental trials in order to know efficacy, phytotoxicity and residue levels on minor crops are conducted by these institutions, with producer aid if the costs are not too high

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Difesa delle Piante (Italy)

ISSN : 0391-4119