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Journal article

Intensification treatment of wastewater of oil pollution using the catalysts «Katan» and strains of biodegraders oil  [2015]

Ponomareva A.L.; Stom D.I.; Tolstoy M.Yu.; Somov Instite of Epidemiology and Microbiology [Corporate Author] Irkutsk State University [Corporate Author] Irkutsk National Research University [Corporate Author]

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The treatment wastewater with a high concentration of oil at development of the oil refining industry is issue of the day. The treatment of wastewater enhanced to combination of chemical and biological purification methods. Treatment of wastewater using strains of biodegraders oil that it mixed with the activated sludge and the use of the catalysts “Katan” reduces the amount oil in waste water in the model by more than 80%.

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ISSN : 2072-0831