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SWALIM stands for Somalia Water and Land Information Management, and the name says it all; it is an information management unit serving Somali administrations, non-governmental organisations, development agencies and UN organisations engaged in assisting Somali communities whose lives depend directly on water and land resources.One and a half decades of civil strife in Somalia have resulted in the loss or damage of most of the water- and land-related information collected in the previous half century. By producing baseline information, assessin [...]


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Rainfall, environment and water resource development in Somaliland and the Sahel  [1999]

Print, C.,Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London; Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London [Corporate Author]

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This thesis has relevance to any water and/or environment initiatives in both the Somaliland region and the Sahel. It aims to answer the desire among growing numbers of water managers and environmentalists to bring a more lateral approach to the water management debate globally. This thesis explores the general inter-relation between hydrological and man-oriented processes, in relation to current models for water resource development and natural resource management in Somaliland. Extensive reference is drawn to studies published elsewhere in the Sahel. The Sahel and Somaliland are introduced, along with definitions of drought and land degradation. An understanding of paradigms in development co-operation and sustainable development are shown, through a review of the evolution of guiding principles of water resource development in developing countries, and a statement of their usefulness in water scarce developing countries. The EU guidelines for strategic water resource development are reviewed amongst others.