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Serotoninergic modulation of the pattern of eating and the profile of hunger-satiety in humans  [1987]

Blundell, J.E. Hill, A.J.

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Abstract: The effects of serotonin on the eating behavior of humans is reviewed. Data from animal research suggest that serotoninergic manipulation could produce changes in the eating profile (reflecting alteration along the hunger-satiety dimension) and in diet selection. Implications from these studies are: 1) experimental treatments known to influence serotonin activity can produce clear effects on the pattern of food consumption; 2) effects of serotoninergic agents upon the selection of nutrients appear to be more complex than previously envisioned; 3) different types of experimental design are required to demonstrate different actions of serotononergic manipulations upon short-term control processes; and 4 cascade effects will occur in studying the action of pharmacological manipulations on eating.

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International journal of obesity

ISSN : 0307-0565