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Migraine provoked by aspartame  [1986]

Johns, D.R.

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A letter to the editor by a hospital doctor describes a case study concerning a 31 year-old white woman suffering with migraine headaches attributed to ingestion of soft drinks containing the artificial sweetener, aspartame, and tablets of aspartame (1-1.5 g/day). Avoidance of all diet soft drinks and aspartame for 10 days produced a complete disappearance of all headaches. A rechallenge with aspartame solution (500 mg) produced an identical headache in 1.5 hours, which was not produced by saccharin or sucrose solutions of equal sweetness (0.22 g and 90 g, respectively). A reply letter by a medical doctor affiliated with aspartame's producer critiques the case study associating aspartame with migraine, suggesting that the study be repeated using a double-blind, randomized, crossover, placebo-controlled design.(wz)

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New England journal of medicine (USA)

ISSN : 0028-4793