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The choice of whetstone for coarse sharpening of planer-milling knives  [1992]

Krsljak, B. (Sumarski fakultet, Beograd (Yugoslavia))

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The choice of whetstone for tool sharpening depends on several parameters. In tool sharpening, it is necessary to select the most suitable whetstone in order to achieve optimum indicators of the process, together with the satisfaction of the requirement of sharpened surface quality and dimension accuracy. The paper presents the method of selecting the best whetstone for coarse sharpening of planers depending on the parameters of whetstone durability and parameters of sharpened surface roughness. The parameters of whetstone durability are: components of resistance in cutting. Mean arithmetical roughness of the sharpened surface has been taken as the parameter of quality.

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Sumarstvo (Yugoslavia)

ISSN : 0350-1752