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Journal article

Cobalt concentrations in pasture species grown in several cattle grazing areas of Queensland  [1984]

Barry, G.A. (Queensland Dept. of Primary Industries, Indooroopilly (Australia). Agricultural Chemistry Branch)

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Dry-matter Co levels were 0.01 to 0.35 micro g per g and were considerably higher in legumes than in grasses grown at the same locality. Seasonal changes in plant Co were variable and in some cases tended to coincide with changes in physiological maturity of the plant. Distribution of Co within some grass species and variability due to soil type differences within a grazing paddock must be considered when assessing overall Co status of a pasture. Pasture analyses indicated that beef cattle which had recorded liveweight gains following Co supplementation had grazed pasture herbage containing 0.01 to 0.05 micro g Co per g.


Queensland Journal of Agricultural and Animal Sciences (Australia)

ISSN : 0033-6173