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Problems and prospects of marine fisheries at Lakshadweep  [2001]

Pillai, P P; Nasser, A K V; Yohannan, T M; Gopakumar, G;

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The live-bait fishes play a pivotal role in the development and success of the pole-and-line fishery in Lakshadweep. The total live-bait fish catch from this insular area is estimated to be 125 t in recent years. The major groups exploited at Minicoy are clupeids, caesionids and apogonids. The clupeid, Spratelloides delicatulus is the only species caught as bait in the northern islands. The major fishing areas for live-baits are Minicoy, Agatti, Suheli, Perumal Par, Bitra, Valiapani and Cheriyapani. Both meteorological and hydrographical factors influence the recruitment of migratory groups to the lagoon, while resident forms depend on the recruitment success.The Lakshadweep sea is estimated to have an annual fishery