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Journal Article

Journal article

Chemical characterization and pharmacological action of Brazilian red propolis  [2018]

Cavalcanti de Pontes, Marcela Lins; Vasconcelos, Inácio Ricardo Alves; De Melo Diniz, Margareth de Fátima Formiga; Freire Pessôa, Hilzeth De Luna;

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Among the natural products, Brazilian propolis stands out because it is considered a source for the discovery of new bioactive compounds. In the last decade, a new Brazilian propolis has been described, known as red propolis due to its reddish pigment. Since then, numerous studies revealing its major components and their pharmacological activity have been described. Thes, this research had the objective of performing an integrative review of the literature on the biological activity of Brazilian red propolis. Scientific studies in the PubMed, SciElo and LILACS database were reviewed and analyzed using an inductive approach and indirect documentation technique. A total 418 publications were found, and onclusion and exclusion criteria were subsequently applied, selecting a total of 18 articles. The Brazilian propolis presents numerous pharmacological properties, especially the antibacterial, antfugal, antoxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the chemical composition of this substance is different from other types of propolis already reported in the literature, presenting flavonoids never before reported. In this way, its chemical characteristics suggest probable therapeutic use for the human organism.


Acta Brasiliensis

ISSN : 2526-4338