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Regulation of bar gene expression in the transgenic oat T3 progeny  [2000]

Xu Chuanxiang Wang Xiping Ma Zhonghua (Life Science Coll. of Fudan Univ., Shanghai (China). Dept. of Biochemistry)

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The spatial and temporal regulation of the bar gene in the transgenic oat T3 progeny was analysed using Northern blot and phosphinothricin acetytransferase (PAT) enzyme assay. No difference in mRNA level was detected in the different leaves (Fig. 5) and different stages of plant development (Fig. 3), treated or untreated with 0.20% commercial herbicide Challenge (Glufosinate ammonium 150g/L). Similar results were obtained in PAT enzyme assay (Figs. 4,6). These results idicate that the expression of the bar gene in the transgenic oat T3 progeny is not regulated spatially and temporally, and was not induced by treatment with PPT (phosphinothricin), confirming that the rice actin 1 and intron 1 are constitutive promoters. Different symptoms shown in the different leaves of plant after being treated with PPT was probably due to defferences in age and consequently in metabolism


Zhiwu Shengli Xuebao (China)

ISSN : 0257-4829