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Journal article

Impact of replacement milk fat with vegetable oils on the quality of Ice cream  [2009]

Al-Assar, M.A.;

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Four types of vegetable oils, namely palm, palm kernel, coconut and sunflower oil were used to replace 50 and 100% of milk fat of vanillin ice cream mixes. The physical and physiochemical properties of ice cream mixes and the resultant frozen product were evaluated. The obtained results could be summarized as follows: -Milk fat replacement by vegetable oils showed no pronounced effect on titratable acidity, pH values, specific gravity and weight per gallon of the resultant ice cream mixes. Whereas, freezing point and apparent viscosity of the experimented ice cream mixes markedly decreased, while their whipping abilities increased when 50% of milk fat was replaced by palm or palm kernel oil. Similar trend was obtained when 100% of milk fat was substituted by co-count oil. But when milk fat milk was replaced by 100% of palm oil a marked increase in the consistency and apparent viscosity was observed. On the other hand, the ice cream mixes made with sun flower oil (50 and 100 % substitution) exhibited more decrease in the abovementioned indices. -The obtained ice creams containing 50 and 100% sunflower oil exhibited the lowest overrun% and milting resistance among all ice creams. While, the ice creams containing palm or palm kernel oil (50% substitution) preferred the control, coconut and sun flower ice creams in the melting resistance and overrun%. But, substitution of all milk fat (100%) with palm oil (high melting point) led to increase melting resistance
of resultant ice cream. Moreover, its fat destabilization index was the lowest among all treatments.-The ice cream made with palm oil (50% substitution) gained the highest organoleptic scores, while the replacement of milk fat with sunflower oil (50 or 100% substitution) led to oily taste and weak body of frozen product, which gained the lowest organoleptic scores. Hence, substitution of 50% milk fat with palm oil was preferable than that of control, 50% palm kernel and 50 or 100 % coconut containing ice cream, respectively.


Mansoura University Journal of Agricultural Sciences

ISSN : 1110-0346