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Journal article

Prevalence of Salmonella Serovars Isolated from Turkey Carcasses and Giblets in Meknès-Morocco  [2013]

A. El Allaoui; F. Rhazi Filali; A. Derouich; B. Karraoua; et al.

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The present study was conducted to determine the prevalence and the serotypes involved thevirulence gene (InvA and SpvC) of Salmonella isolates recovered from the raw meat and giblets(liver and gizzard) of the turkey in various outlets in the Moroccan market. From November 2011to November 2012 a total of 192 samples of turkey meat (included 48 breasts, 48 legs, 48 gizzardsand 48 livers) were collected every ten days from retail outlets in Meknès. Of these, 48 were frompopular market, 48 from artisanal slaughterhouses, 48 from poulterers’shops and 48 from asupermarket at Meknes, Morocco. Of the total of 192 samples examined, 24.5% (47/192) werecontaminated with Salmonella. Out of the total 48 samples analysed from popular market, 19(40.42%) proved to be Salmonella positive whereas from 48 samples obtained from traditionalslaughterhouses and 48 from poulterers’shops 14 (29.87%) and 8 (17%) contained Salmonella,respectively. Compared to other outlets, a low level of Salmonella contamination was found insamples obtained from Supermarket 6 (12.7%). Among the 47 Salmonella isolates, 6 differentserotypes were identified of which S. Saintpaul (46.8%) was the most frequent, followed by S.Agona (17%) and S. Kentucky (17%), S. Typhimurium (8.5%), S. Infantis (6.3%) and S. Bredeney(4.2%).The high level of contamination, especially in popular market and artisanalslaughterhouses of turkey meat and giblets with Salmonella observed in this paper indicates theneed for an i
mprovement in the microbiological quality of retail turkey. Examination ofSalmonella for invA gene was detected in all the strains (n=47), only three isolates were positivefor the gene SpvC: S. Agona, S. Kentucky and S. Infantis.