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Effect of symbiosis with mycorrhiza fungi on some physiological characteristics of basil (Osimum basilicum) under drought stress  [2010]

Zahra Aslani Abbas Hassani et al.

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In order to study the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) under drought stress on some physiological characteristics (leaf temperature, chlorophyll index, compatible solute accumulation) of basil (Osmium basilicum L.), a pot experiment was conducted as a factorial trial based on randomized complete block design with four replications. Treatments included application of two mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus mosseae and Glomus intraradices) plus a control check (non-application) and three irrigation regimes (4, 8 and 12 days intervals). Results showed that drought stress had a significant effect on all evaluated parameters, so that reducing soil water content decreased chlorophyll index while increased accumulation of proline and total soluble sugars in leaves as well as leaf temperature. Moreover mycorrhiza colonization had significant effects on all evaluated parameters except proline. The highest and the lowest amount of leaf chlorophyll index and total soluble sugars in leaves were observed in inoculated plants with G. mosseae and control (non-application of mycorrhizal) treatments, respectively.


Environmental Stresses in Crop Sciences

ISSN : 2228-7604