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Xiphinema densispinatum sp.n. from Bosnia and Herzegovina and X. montenegrinum sp.n. from Montenegro, Yugoslavia (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)  [1998]

Lamberti, F. Agostinelli, A. (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bari (Italy). Istituto di Nematologia) Barsi, L. (Novi Sad Univ. (Yugoslavia). Inst. of Biology)

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Xiphinema densispinatum sp.n. is described from specimens collected from the rhizosphere of unknown plants in an old abandoned peach orchard near Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The species is characterized by body length of 4.4 mm, rounded lip region, offset from the rest of the body by a shallow constriction, odontostyle length of ca 170 micronm, vulva at mid-body, equally developed female genital branches, numerous spindle shaped spines in the uterus, conoid tail with digitate terminus and absence of males. X. densispinatum sp.n. resemples X. gersoni Roca et Bravo, 1993, X. hispidum Roca et Bravo, 1994 and X. lupini Roca et Pereira, 1993. X. montenegrinum sp.n. is described from specimens collected from the rhizosphere of Carpinus orientalis at Morinj, Montenegro (Yugoslavia). It is a bisexual species with a body length of 4.3 mm, odontostyle length of ca 153 micronm, almost continuous lip region, anterior vulva, equally developed female genital branches with well developed pseudo-Z-organ and rounded, pegged tail. X. montenegrinum sp.n. resembles X. artemisiae Chizov, Tiev et Turkina, 1986 and X. cadavalense Bravo et Roca, 1995