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Larval record of a red firefish, Pterois volitans, from northwestern Australia (Pisces: Scorpaeniformes)  [1996]

Imamura, H. (Tohoku National Fisheries Research Inst., Shiogama, Miyagi (Japan)) Yabe, M.

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The larval staged of the scorpaenid Perois volitans is described based on five specimens (3.8mm NL-11.0mm SL) collected from northwestern Australia, the eastern Indian Ocean. The larval stage of P. volitans is characterized by have the following combination of characters: dorsal fin rays XIII, 11-12, anal fin rays III, 7, pectoral fin ray 13-15, pelvic fin rays I, 5, vertebrae 24, dorsal and anal fins not continuous with caudal fin, suborbital stay with broad posterior margin, long pectoral fin, melanophores on pectoral fin except for basal portion, lower margin of caudal peduncle, bases of posterior half of dorsal fin and posterior anal fin rays, and anterior middle portion of caudal