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Journal article

Rice flour: shelf-life stability and processing suitability  [2003]

Bandonill, E.H.; Valdez, R.E.; Santiago, D.M.D. (Philippine Rice Research Inst., Maligaya, Munoz, Nueva Ecija (Philippines));

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The storage life of dry rice flour was evaluated using the accelerated and conventional methods and three packaging materials such as polyethylene bag (PE), cheesecloth (CC), and polyethylene bag with cheesecloth (PECC). Results using the accelerated method indicated that the shelf-life of rice flour is 10 months if packed in PE bag, 10 days in CC, and 11 months in PECC. In the conventional method, 8 months of storage could gradually increase the moisture content (MC) of the flour samples from 9.36% to 11.14% in PE bag, 13.28% in CC, and 11.90% in PECC. Their sensory properties decreased as storage time increased. Panelists slightly disliked the flour's aroma and general acceptability at the 7th and 8th months of storage in CC. Weevils were observed on the flour at 8 months of storage. Flours in PE and PECC were slightly liked. Yeast, mold, and bacterial loads in flours were tolerable at 8 months of storage. Colony forming unit per gram (CFU/g) of yeast was less than 10, and the highest counts of molds and bacteria were 20,000 and 16,500 CFU/g in PE and both in CC and PECC, respectively. The storage of flour in PE and PECC is longer (8 months) than in CC (8 months) based on conventional method, 10-11 months (PE and PECC), and 10 days (CC) using the accelerated method


Philippine Rice R & D Highlights 2002 (Philippines)

ISSN : 0117-6374