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Specialized research-and-production journal Leguminous and groat is published on the basis of the license of Roskomnadzor PI FS 77-45069 from May, 17th, 2011; ISSN 2309-348X. Its main objective is all-round and purposeful informing of scientific assemblage on biological features and technology of cultivation of leguminous and groat crops. The similar journal among domestic mass media is not present, though the demand for it during the last decades was understood by scientific community.

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Journal article


Наумкин, В.П.; Велкова, Н.И.;

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The paper presents the results of years of research on the insect fauna on crops of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.). The species composition of insect pollinators, their numerical ratio and the daily dynamics of summer were investigated. Distribution of insect pollinators on different varieties of white mustard was established. It is shown that in the Orel region in the years of research 83 species of insect pollinators were registered on crops. They represent 10 different taxonomic groups. 57% of the total number of collected insects are hymenoptera. Taxonomic groups of insects in plant stand of mustard differ in species composition and number. Insects of different groups throughout the day are distributed extremely uneven. This regularity in the temporal distribution of various groups of insects apparently takes place due to their avoidance of competitive relations in the flowers of white mustard. Varieties that have the greatest appeal to honey bees were marked.


Legumes and Groat Crops