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Journal article

Interaction of tubers with elements of the vibrorotary sorter working surface  [2014]

Kolchin, N.N., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Mechanization of Agriculture, Moscow (Russian Federation); Alakin, V.M.; Plakhov, S.A., Moscow State Technical Univ., Kaluga Branch (Russian Federation);

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During potatoes harvesting the heap consisting from mix of tubers, soil and vegetable impurities and grogs come from the combine. For obtaining tubers of high quality it is necessary to carry out heap post-harvesting. For substantiating the key parameters of a design of a sorting surface of vibrorotary sorter (VS) it was done research of a rotors form, amplitude and shake frequency of vibrorotors, the size of the fingers mounted on rotor shaft. It was defined influence of size of fingers bend on sorting accuracy, as well as results of vibration impact on tubers. It was decided that the tuber moves on a vibrating surface without breakaway from it, with partially lateral mobility concerning rotors, without tossing. It was adopted the following assumptions: a tubers form is spherical; the surface of the contacting bodies is smooth; tubers are absolutely elastic; weight of tubers of a large fraction is equal to 120 g; slippage at contact tuber with a finger is off. It was established that the maximum deformation value of a vibrorotor finger on its extreme point at interaction with a tuber of large fraction actually does not change geometry of calibration holes and does not reduce sorting accuracy. Level of elements of a working surface speeds and acceleration arising at tubers movement practically exclude their damages. It was worked out mobile VS potatoes machine postharvesting in varied operational conditions. It was noted the main features of a working surf
ace design. It was confirmed key parameters of VS and revealed increase of sorting process efficiency by 10-15% in comparison with similar process without vibration. Tubers sorting accuracy at the machine operation made 75-85%. Allocation efficiency of soil impurities reached 95%, without rotors sticking. Degree of mechanical damages the field-fresh tubers is not more than 2%. VS is reliable in operation and enables a highly effective and gentle mode reprocessing of potatoes and fruit and vegetable production.


Agricultural Machinery and Technologies

ISSN : 2073-7599