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The technology of paste from sugar beet obtaining  [2014]

Magomedov, M.G., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation)

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A new technology for processing sugar beet into semi-finished product for the food industry, which allows to preserve both sucrose, and almost all containing in beet food substances useful for human. The technology of obtaining sugar beet paste (SBP) was approved under production conditions at cannery in the Voronezh region. Direct steam and heat treatment of beet was carried out for 60-90 sec with pressure of 0.8-0.9 megapascal. The treated beet-roots were crushed on a hasher (the size of particles was 3-5 mm), scalded on a worm scalder and mixed with water (hydromodule 0.5-1.0). Citric acid was brought during crushing in quantity of 0.3-0.7%. After scalding the crushed mass was passed via the pulping machine (a diameter of grid was 0.8 mm). Concoction of the mass in the vacuum and evaporating device at a steam pressure in a case of 0.5-0.6 megapascal and depression of 0.07-0.08 megapascal was carried out until the content of solids was 12-16%. The chemical composition of SBP with solid content of 40% was determined. Using 100 g of the product as a food satisfies the daily requirement for dietary fiber by 42.5%, organic acids by 27.5% potassium by 24.0%, magnesium by 40.0%, iron by 26.7%. The SBP can be used as a semi-finished product in the confectionery, bakery, food concentrates industry, for products with increased nutritional value, as well as the finished product instead of marmalade and jam.


Proceedings of the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies

ISSN : 2226-910X