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Specialized research-and-production journal «Leguminous and groat crops» is published on the basis of the license of Roskomnadzor PI FS 77-45069 from May, 17th, 2011; ISSN 2309-348X. Its main objective is all-round and purposeful informing of scientific assemblage on biological features and technology of cultivation of leguminous and groat crops. The similar journal among domestic mass media is not present, though the demand for it during the last decades was understood by scientific community.

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Journal article


Pryanishnikov, A. I.; Savchenko, I. V.; Shabaev, A. I.;

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It is shown that stability of agricultural production in regions with frequent exhibiting of droughts is reached by rational use of available resources of moisture, and the main task of an agrarian science in this direction is release of outstanding innovative products, allowing to lead plant growing on new level of system high technology decisions. Results of works of Southeast Research Institute of Agriculture on development of scientific bases of systems of "dry farming", methodological approaches in release of highly adaptive varieties are generalized, the attention to width of up-to-date researches is thus focused. Results of selection of last years in such directions as selection on the wide ecological plasticity, the typified conditions of cultivation of field crops, their target use, immunodefence, heterosis selection are resulted. All this allows to use potential of cultivated crops more full. The basic directions of work of the institute are presented and algorithms of stage-by-stage development of adaptive-landscape systems of agriculture (from the organization of territories up to use of the differentiated processing methods), droughts reducing negative influence in the Volga region are offered.


Legumes and Groat Crops