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Evaluation of the seed-dressing insecticide, imidal 70 WS (imidacloprid), against the central shootfly, atherigona soccata rondani (diptera: muscidae) on sorghum  [2008]

Suliman, E.H., Agricultural Research Corporation, Gedarif Research Station, Gedarif (Sudan)

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The experiment was conducted under rain-fed conditions in the northern part of Gedarif State in season 2007/08 to evaluate the efficacy of Imidal 70 WS (imidacloprid) for the control of the central shootfly (Atherigona soccata) on sorghum. Data collected included number of plants with dead heart, % crop emergence, % damage and sorghum grain yield. The results showed that Imidal 70 WS and its counterpart, Gaucho 70 WS at 3g product/kg seeds significantly improved crop emergence, reduced number of plants with dead heart, reduced central shootfly damage and increased sorghum grain yield compared to the untreated control. The performance of Imidal 70 WS in all measured parameters was comparable to that of its counterpart, Gaucho 70 WS