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SWALIM stands for Somalia Water and Land Information Management, and the name says it all; it is an information management unit serving Somali administrations, non-governmental organisations, development agencies and UN organisations engaged in assisting Somali communities whose lives depend directly on water and land resources.One and a half decades of civil strife in Somalia have resulted in the loss or damage of most of the water- and land-related information collected in the previous half century. By producing baseline information, assessin [...]

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Journal article

Management of agricultural drainage water quality  [1997]

Madramootoo C., A.;Johnstone W., R.;Willarddson L., S.,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome (Italy); International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, New Delhi (India) [Corporate Author] FAO, Rome (Italy). Land and Water Development Div. [Corporate Author]

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