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Forest inventory at Thale Noi basin  [1999]

Suprani Liangphonphan (Thaksin Univ., Songkhla (Thailand). Faculty of Science. Dept. of Biology);

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This forest inventory aimed to specific study on types of forest, kinds and denseness of trees, sapling and seedling including the undergrowth in Thale Noi Basin. The percentage of this story is 0.1. The study site devided in three concentric circular sample plots for different data collecting. It is found that there are 72 species of tree in 63 genera and 41 families. Cyperaceae and Gramineae are found most. There are 17 kinds of tree, 7 kind of shrub, one kind of palm, 2 kinds of climber and 45 kinds of herb. The most dense tree is Melaleuca cajuputi Powell. Moreover, the site of study is able to seperate into mixed deciduous at the highlands of Khuankhisian, Melaleuca cajuputi Powell, forest at Yuan Canal area, botanical garden, Khuankhisian, basin, waterside of Ban-Phran Canal and northern rim of Thale Noi of which Melaleuca cajuputi Powell; forest is found more than other finds of forest and Scleria poaeformis zone in southern area of Thale Noi , reedy zone at Ban Klang canal and Phragmites karka Trin. ex Steud zone at thale Noi rim nearby Nang Riam Canal. Kinds of forest related to the height of each area. Since each kind of plant scatters around the area, the result of density calculation may be in error from the reality. So, it is not presented in this study.