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Journal Article

Journal article

Efficiency of use of a substitute of dry milk Agromix in composition of a compound feed KR-1 for suckling calves  [2011]

Shupik, M.V., Belarus State Academy of Agriculture, Gorki (Belarus);

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In course of the research there was realized industrial approbation of approved mixed fodder KR-1 in a scientific experiment with suckling calves, in which content it was included a powdered milk replacer 'Agromix', and there was drawn an analogy between the mixed fodder and a standard mixed fodder. The research was realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus at the state farm 'Gorki' in Gorki district (Mogilev region). As a result of realized research it was revealed that calf feeding by approved mixed fodder KR-1 in a combination with the restored whole milk replacer 'Agromix-5' has provided at experimental calves in suckling period obtaining of daily average gains of body weight at level of 849.2+18.3 g. Such level of daily average gains of body weight at calves during this age period exceeds requirements of the Republican branch regulations on intensive cultivation of young growth of cattle. In addition the net profit has made 13384 Belarusian rubles. It is efficient to realize further perfection of fodder value of content of the powdered milk replacer for cattle 'Agromix' with fat content of 2% for its introduction in content of mixed fodders KR-1.


Current Problems of Intensive Development of Animal Husbandry : collection of scientific papers

ISSN : 2079-6668