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Response of soybean varieties to N and K fertilizers application at northern Khorasan province, Iran  [2009]

Hatami, Hamid Inehband, amir Azizi, mahdi soltani, afshin et al.

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In order to study the effects of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers on yield and yield components of soybean, Glycine max L., an experiment was conducted as factorial in a rondomized complete block design with three replications at northern Khorasan province during 2006-2007. Factors were variety (Habit, L.W.K., and Wiliams), nitrogen fertilizer amounts (0, 50, 100, and 150 kg N/ha) from urea source, and potassium fertilizer levels (0, 80, and 160 kg K/ha) from potassium sulphate source. Results indicated that seed yield was singnificantly affected by variety, N and K fertilizers. Wiliams variety showed the highest seed yield. Seed yield significantly increased with increasing fertilizer application. The number of pods was affected by all factors, but the number of node per stem, the number of  seed per pod, 100 seed wieght, and seed yield per branches were affected only by variety.