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Effcts of organic and chemical fertilizer combinations on yield, yield components, oil and protein percentages of two canola cultivars  [2012]

Ebrahimian, Elanz Bybordi, Ahmad

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Effects of chemical and organic fertilizers combinations on yield, yield components, seed oil and protein percentage of two canola cultivars were studied. The experiment was carried out as factorial based on a randomized complete block design with three replications in Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Azerbaijan-e-Sharqi province of Iran in 2010. The first factor comprised seven levels of organic and chemical fertilizers and their combinations including: non cattle manure and non urea (control), 100% cattle manure (organic), 80% cattle manure and 20% urea (combined), 60% cattle manure and 40% urea (combined), 40% cattle manure and 60% urea (combined), 20% cattle manure and 80% urea (combined) and 100% urea (chemical) and the second factor was two canola cultivars (Okapi and Modena). The results showed that the highest yield, yield components, oil and protein percentages were obtained from a combination treatment, application of 20% cattle manure along with 80% urea (96 kg/ha), that was differed significantly from other chemical treatments for seed yield and number of seeds per pod. Therefore, application of this treatment could be recommended because it leading to a higher yield with lower chemical fertilizer application. Besides, variety okapi was superior to Modena based on the measured characteristics.