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In vitro effect of some fungicides on Magnaporthe grisea development [Oryza sativa L.]  [1999]

Tajani, M. El Oirdi, M. Douira, A. (Universite Ibn Tofail, Kenitra (Morocco). Dept. de Biologie) El Haloui, N.E. (Universite Ibn Tofail, Kenitra (Morocco). Lab. de Microbiologie)

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Ten fungicides belonging to the benzimidazole, triazole, guanidine, pyrimidine and isoxazole family showed in vitro an important fungitoxic activity against three stages of Magnaporthe grisea development: mycelial growth, spore germination and sporulation; the EC sub 50 concentrations were relatively low. Differences in efficacy were shown between fungicides. M. grisea isolates appeared generally more sensitive to triazoles and displayed a similar range of sensitivity to the other tested fungicides


Phytopathologia Mediterranea (Italy)

ISSN : 0031-9465