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Pharmacognostical Studies on the Folk Medicine 'Bong Seon Wha Dae'  [2003]

Park, J.H. Kim, J.M. Do, W.I. (Pusan National University, Pusan, Republic of Korea)

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Korean folk medicine 'Bong Seon Wha Dae' has been used to cure constipation and acute gastritis by meat. The botanical origin of the crude drug has not been studied pharmacogostically. To clarify the botanical origin of 'Bong Seon Wha Dae', the morphological and anatomical characteristics of Impatiens species growing in Korea, i.e.I.balsamina L., I. noli-tan-gere L., I. textori Miq. and I. textori Miq. for pallenscens Hara were studied. As a result, 'Bong Seon Wha Dae' was proved to be the stem of I. balsamina L.