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Effect of cottonseed cake (Gossypol) on the reproductive performance of nili-ravi buffaloes  [1998]

Akhtar, N. Ali, S. Samad, H.A. Ala-ud-Din, Najib-ur-Rehman (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan). Dept. of Animal Reproduction) et al.

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Effect of free gossypol present in the cottonseed cakes was investigated using 12, Nili-Ravi dairy buffaloes randomly assigned to two equal groups i.e., A and B. Buffaloes in group A were fed control ration and buffaloes in group B were fed cottonseed cake ration containing 5.88g free gossypol. Non-significant differences were found between control and treated buffaloes in respect of occurrence of postpartum oestrus, length of oestrous cycle, duration of oestrus, intensity of oestrus and occurrence of ovulation. However, buffaloes fed cottonseed cake showed significantly (P0.01) lower conception rate than that of control buffaloes (50 vs 83%).


Pakistan Veterinary Journal (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0253-8318