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Journal article

Ways of increasing production of legumes in Preduralye  [2014]

Eliseev, S.L., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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The problem of the digestible protein availability in coarse grains in the Perm region is quite a pressed one. It was established that the seed production of pea and vetch depends more on size of cultivated areas, than on crop yield. To increase the production of grain legumes it was proposed to enlarge its sown areas in the priority cultivation zones up to 35-40000 ha, as well as to extend the sown areas under adaptive varieties: Yamal peas and Vera vetch and in mixtures with cereals. Results of the microfield and vegetative experiments concluded in Perm region in 1990-2012 were generalized. In the years of normal and excess moistening agrophytocenoses with common vetch, cultivated for seeds, don't concede on productivity to agrophytocenoses with peas. The mixture with barley surpasses pure vetch crops by 24%, with the realization of the potential productivity of 84% and high stability. The productivity of the vetch-oat mixture is less stable. To increase the value and sustainability of feed grain production, it is advised to use the pea-barley mixture which productivity at the level of 3.5 t/ha excesses pure barley crops by 0.1 t/ha. In mixtures with vetch, it is also preferable to use barley. Crops should be placed on soils with a fertility site class 50 points, not less. Lupinus angustifolius cultivated for the grain is not adapted for growing in mixtures with cereals.


Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873