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Journal article

Gistophyziologiсаl study of the Ascidian purple sexual glands Halocynthia aurantium Pallas  [2015]

Матросова Инга; Евдокимов Владимир; Тихоокеанский научно-исследовательский рыбохозяйственный центр [Corporate Author] Дальневосточный государственный технический рыбохозяйственный университет (Владивосток) [Corporate Author]

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Gonads of Halocynthia purple aurantium Pallas, caught in May, June and October 2010 - 2011 from Sokolovskaya Bay and Average Bay оf P. Grand (sea of Japan) were investigated. In the ascidian sexual glands several times were going steady maturation of the oocyte, or resulting in their spawning, or sperm. The data obtained for histological organization and cell composition of the sexual glands in the investigated hydrobionts supplement their reproductive biology.


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ISSN : 2072-0831