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Journal article

Rotura de aurícula izquierda y hemopericardio en un cocker spaniel con degeneración de la válvula mitral: caso clínico (Left atrial rupture and hemopericardium in a cocker spaniel with mitral valve degeneration: case report)  [2009]

Fragío-Arnold, C; Daza-González, MA; Garcia-Pérez,E; Caro-Vadillo, A.;

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SummaryA 12 year old male cocker previously diagnosed of mitral valvedegeneration presented to our Hospital stuporous, with hemorrhagicdiarrhea and severe signs of hypovolemia; owners suspected ingestion of large doses of non-steroidal drugs. Emergency treatment (mainly fluid resuscitation and gastrointestinal protective drugs) was effective for initial stabilization, but hemodynamic status worsened later; cardiac ultrasound revealed pericardial effusion. Necropsy confirmed left atrial rupture. In spite of severe hypovolemia, Central Venous Pressure (CVP) was above normal values at presentation, probably due to the increase in transmuralpressure induced by pericardial effusion associated with left atrial rupture. We conclude that elevated CVP values in hypovolemic patients warrant further investigation of concurrent pathologies.



ISSN : 1695-7504