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Journal Article

Journal article

Influencing factors on Antirrhinum majus cut flowers' quality in on open field  [1999]

Vabrit, S.; Moor, U. (Estonian Agricultural Univ., Tartu (Estonia)); Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, Tartu (Estonia) [Corporate Author]

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In the collection of the Departement of Horticulture at Estonian University of Agriculture Antirrhinum majus cultivars 'Defiance', Old Gold' and 'The Rose' and Benary Seed Corporation cultivars from the cultivar groups 'Riesen-Vorbote and 'Gefuellte' were grown during the years of 1885...1998. In the 1995-experiment the abovementioned cultivar cut-flowers' quality depending on temperature and precipitation was tested. The experimental results have shown the influence of temperature and precipitation on cut-flowers' quality depends greatly on a cultivar. The cultivars' from 'Riesen-Vorbote' cultivar group depended on the weather. E.g. the cultivar 'Weiss' had a strong relation (r=0.99) between inflorescence length and temperature. The cultivars 'Scarlet Supreme' and 'Superjet' from the cultivar group 'Gefuellte' were tolerant of weather factors. The time (99 and 96 days) necessary from sowing to flowering as on a 4-year average has shown it. It varies very little in years. The cultivars 'Weiss' and Kirschkarmin flowering depended on the particular growing year


Proceedings of the Estonian Academic Agricultural Society. April 15-16, 1999