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Journal article

Short Communication: The influence of vermicompost based substrates on basil growth and nutrient content  [2019]

Margit Olle;

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Vermicompost produced by earthworms is rich in macro- and micronutrients, vitamins and growth hormones, which are all needed for successful plant growth. The influence of vermicompost based growth substrates on basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) growth and nutrient content was assessed. Treatments were: 1. 30% vermicompost, peat, sand, dolomite stone; 2. 25% vermicompost, peat, gravel, perlite; 3. 25% vermicompost, peat, gravel, light gravel, 4. commercially available growth medium, or 5. 20% vermicompost and organic matter rich clay soil. Basil growth was best with treatments 1 and 2. Nutrient content of basil was best in treatment 3. The best growth substrate for basil production is treatment 1, based on growth results, while based on nutrient analysis when basil is used in medicine, the right treatment is 3: 25% vermicompost, peat, gravel, light gravel.



ISSN : 2228-4893