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Journal article

[Anaesthesia in cats with reference to the use of medetomidine, new alpha2 agonist drug]. [Italian]  [1992]

Verstegen J.; Liege Univ. (Belgium) [Corporate Author]

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The author evaluates the possibilities of use of medetomidine (sedative-analgesic alpha2 adrenergic agonist) and atipamezole (as a specific antagonist) in the cat, an animal very often difficult to handle and with unpredictable reactions to the different drugs used in anaesthesiology. The activity and adverse effects of medetomidine used either alone as analgesic-sedative agent or in associations with anaesthetic drugs for premedication have been studied. The overall results in the cat confirm those observed in the dog, that is: medetomidine is a very potent analgesic and sedative agent and its use allows a large reduction of the amount of the SNC-depressant drugs used concomitantly. The rapid reversibility of its effects by a specific antagonist such as atipamezole makes safer and better controlled all medical produces in cat too.


Rivista di Zootecnia e Veterinaria

ISSN : 0304-0607