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The influence of specialized crop rotations on weed infestation  [2007]

Wojciechowski, W. Zawieja, J.,Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy, Wroclaw (Poland). Katedra Ogolnej Uprawy Roli i Roslin

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In the experiment weed infestation in specialized crop rotations (with increased percentage of cereal crops) and monocultures of those crops was assessed. The studies included the fifth cycle of four-course crop rotation: 1) potato + -oats-pea-winter rye, 2) potato + -oats-winter rye, 3) potato + -winter rye, 4) oats-winter rye, 5) monoculture of winter rye. Before harvest assessment of weed infestation was determined by counting and weighing the dry matter of weeds. Weed infestation significantly depended on the number of plants in a crop rotation. Monoculture of winter rye was characterized by several times higher number of weeds than in four-course crop rotation


Pamietnik Pulawski (Poland)

ISSN : 0552-9778