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Plant tissue culture of irises Iris sp.  [2008]

Jevremovic, S.

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Monograph presents the review of perennial results about vegetative propagation and secondary metabolite production of five iris species (Iris halophila, Iris pumila, Iris pseudopallida, Iris reichenbachii and Iris sibirica) by methods of plant tissue, cell and organi culture, Novel research results about indiction as well as regulation of plant growth under sterile (in vitro) conditions have been discussed in introduction. Two ways of plant regeneration somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis are described and differences among these processes are described in detail. The establishment of efficient system for morphogenesis induction in zygotic embryo, leaf base and cell suspension culture have been described. Also, the brief review of secondary metabolites of irises and possibility for their production by tissue culture is presented. Some chromosome aberrations were observed in Iris pumila (aneuploid) and Iris reichenbachii (aneuploid and haploid) plants when 2,4-D is used for morphogenesis induction. Presented results might have great practical importance for improvement of vegetative regeneration of these biologically, horticulturally, and pharmaceutically important irises.