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Effects of Lyophilization and Use of Probiotics on Donkey's Milk Nutritional Characteristics  [2011]

Vincenzetti, Silvia Savini, Michele Cecchini, Cinzia Micozzi, Daniela et al.

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Cow milk protein allergy (CMPA) is an abnormal IgE-mediated reaction to cow milk proteins. Donkey's milk could be considered suitable for feeding young children affected by severe IgEmediated CMPA because its nutritional properties and composition are very close to human milk. Since donkey's milk is available during a limited range of months during the year, it may be useful to find better storage conditions for this product. This study investigated the effects of the lyophilization treatment on donkey's milk nutritional characteristics, and the results were compared with those obtained on fresh and frozen milk. Nutritional properties of lyophilized donkey's milk remained basically unchanged compared with fresh milk. Two different probiotic strains were added to lyophilized donkey's milk, and their viability was evaluated after milk reconstitution. The results obtained confirmed the possibility of producing a probiotic infant formula with beneficial properties using donkey’s milk as raw material.


International journal of food engineering

ISSN : 1556-3758