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Journal article

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau) essential oil: Biological properties, cosmetic and medical use. A review  [2012]

Forlot, Paul Pevet, Paul

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The present article reviews all aspects of the known pharmacological activities of bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia) and of its major phototoxic component bergapten (5-methoxypsoralen, 5-MOP) as well as their use in cosmetics and medicine. Photo-addition of 5-MOP to DNA induces a phototoxic reaction followed by significant increase of human skin pigmentation with a proved consistent protection of epidermal cell DNA against further exposure to ultraviolet light. This property was used in suntan products, but the potential risk of photocarcinogenis stopped the development of such compositions. Medical indications include phototherapy of dermatoses like psoriasis and vitiligo (photochemotherapy, PUVA). More recent studies were developed concerning the melatoninergic potential of bergapten and its potential use in depression and sleep disturbances as well as the capacity of 5-MOP to block potassium channels, a potential symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis in demyelinated nerves. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties of bergamot oil will also be described as well as the most recent studies on its protection against neuropathic pain in cancer.


Journal of essential oil research

ISSN : 2163-8152