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Researches on the characteristics of caroteniods anthocyanins and aroma compounds of new pineapple cultivar RL41  [2001]

Nguyen Thi Hoang Lan

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This work consisted in the characterisation of carotenoids, anthocyanins, and aroma compounds of flesh and shell of new pineeapple cultivar RL41. The study concerned the evolution the these quality criteria during the maturation of hybrid fruits in comparison with a ripe fruit of the Smooth Cayenne cultivar. Flesh from the RL41 hybrid ripe fruits exhibits a deep gold yellow color due to a carotenoid level (800 microgram/100g fresh matter). Shell from Rlai hybrid ripe fruits contains 1.5 times more anthocyanins than that of a ripe Smooth Cayeune fruit which explains the red color of the hybrid fruits in comparison with yellow color of a ripe Smooth Cayenne fruit. Ripe fruits from both cultivars exhibit similar levels and distributions of aroma compounds: esters, thioesters, lactones and furanones.


Science and Technology Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

ISSN : 0866-7020