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Belarus Agricultural Library (BelAL) is the national information centre for agriculture, food and forestry. The Library was created by the decree of the Council of Ministers of Belarus in 1960. Now the Library is a part of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Mission of the Library is to provide free access to the agricultural international and national information resources.

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Journal article

Сurrent state of agrophysical properties of Belarusian Poozerye soil  [2014]

Chernysh,A.F.; Ustinova,A.M.; Tsyrybko,V.B.; Kasyanenko,I.I.; The Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Minsk (Belarus) [Corporate Author]


The results of routing studies on arable land in the soil-ecological areas where the soil cover was represented by different groups of parent rocks were presented. The research was realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. As a result of research there was revealed that the physical soil properties of Belarusian Poozere was largely determined by the genesis of soil-forming rocks, types of accessories and degree of exposure to erosive processes. Almost all the studied soil overcrowded, and therefore need to develop policies and practices to regulate agrophysical condition of soils. At the same time, the soils of Belarusian Poozere were characterized by a good structural-aggregate composition and relatively high stability of the structure to collapse. The modern state of agrophysical condition of Belarusian Poozere, indices, which characterized structural state of arable horizon of soil of Belarusian Poozere, indices, which characterized structure sustainability of soil of Belarusian Poozere were presented.


Почвоведение и агрохимия: научный журнал

ISSN : 0130-8475