Written Paper

Development of a measuring system for leaf-movement of the telegraph plant [Leguminosae] in response to the sound stimulus  [2001]

Miwa, Y. (Waseda Univ., Tokyo (Japan)) Yamashita, T.


In order to investigate the leaf movement of the telegraph plant (Codariocalyx motorius) when the leaves are subjected to sound stimuli, an image processing/measuring system was developed with which a vertical movement of more than two leaves can be measured simultaneously. In this system, a CCD camera equipped with CCTV lens(used for taking a whole image o the telegraph plant)and another CCD camera with the 5-fold magnifying microscopic lens(for taking enlarged images of smaller leaves)were installed, in a parallel manner, to a camera moving device which is automatically controlled by a personal computer. For positioning the leaf tip at the center of enlarged image al the time, the leaf tip portion was computed based on a whole image of the telegraph plant in advance. Responding to the computed results, the second camera for enlarging the image was designed to follow its target(ie, small leaf tip portion)automatically. An image processing soft ware was also developed to calculate and record automatically the vertical angle during the leaf movement at 5-second interval. As a Suit it was found that several leaves moved for 2-minute period with a vertical swing angle of 60 degrees when the telegraph plant was subjected to the sinusoidal wave as a sound stimulus source. On the other hand, when the white noise was irradiated, no movement of any leaves was observed.


Journal of Society of High Technology in Agriculture (Japan)

ISSN : 0918-6638