Written Paper

Haematological and bacteriological studies in neonatal lambs with reference to neonatal lamb mortality  [1999]

Naveed, M. Javed, M.T. Khan, A. (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan). Dept. of Veterinary Pathology) Kausar, R.


The study was conducted on 100 neonates born to ewes of Pak-Karakul breed during breeding season starting from February to March 1998. The haematological parameters showed non-significant differences between neonates those died and survived and between those having different birth weights and also between those born to ewes of different parities. All the haematological parameters showed no difference in neonates of two sexes except eosinophil which were higher (P 0.05) in male neonates. From a total of seven neonates died within a week of birth, three had diarrhoea and four had signs of pneumonia. Of the three cases of diarrhoea, single organism was isolated from one while in other two mixed cultures were obtained. From four cases of pneumonia, single organism was isolated from three, while in one case mixed culture was obtained. From a total of 16 morbid neonates (dead neonates are also included) seven showed diarrhoea and nine pneumonia. From the cases of diarrhoea (listed in morbid neonates), mixed culture was obtained. However, E. coli was isolated from four cases with other organism and Bacillus was isolated from two cases with other organisms. From the morbid cases of pneumonia, single isolate was obtained from two cases of the five, while in other three mixed culture was obtained. Bacillus and Pseudomonas were isolated as single isolate from the three cases of neonates died of respiratory sings.