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Journal article

Soil indicators of hydrogenic landscape transformation of coastal zone of the Krasnodar water reservoir  [2011]

Nazarenko, O.G., Rostov State Agrochemical Service Center (Russian Federation); Tyurina, I.G., Southern Federal Univ., Rostov-on-Don (Russian Federation); Magomedov, Kh.R., Don State Agrarian Univ., Rostov Region (Russian Federation);


Results of integrated field research on study the degree of transformation of morphological features of soils in zones of hydrogenic influence of Krasnodar Water Reservoir are presented. Morphological features of direct and indirect effects of large hydraulic structures on soil properties and adjacent areas are identified. It was determined that close to the bluff of water reservoir, where in June the area free from water, the height of the willows and the projective grass cover reach their maximum values (18 m and 100%, respectively). The land areas released from water in August and September are populated by single pioneer species. At the rest of the territory the stunted willows dominate, which height and density increase from water to the direction of the indigenous coast.


Scientific Journal of Russian RDI of Melioration Problems

ISSN : 2222-1816