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Journal article

Economic evaluation of production of the organic fertilizers on basis of semi-liquid manure from dairy farms  [2011]

Bondarenko, A.M.; Miroshnikov, M.A.; Miroshnikovа, V.V., Azov-Black Sea State Agroengineering Academy, Rostov Region (Russian Federation);


The technology of recycling semi-liquid manure generated at the module farm for a hundred head of milk cows is presented. The technology based on using the machinery complex included mobile loader of semi-liquid manure with hydraulic mixing system and mobile mixer of manure components on chassis of body spreader (type PRT). The module farm can transform to the livestock up to 2000 cows. Depending on livestock the volume of produced manures differs from 2242 to 44850 t, while the operating costs differ from 60 rubles per ton (100 head) to 18.2 rubles per ton (2000 head). On basis of those produced manures concentrated organic fertilizers such as biohumus (vermicompost) and super fertilizer Agrovit-Kor can be manufactured. Production cost of biohumus is constituted from 381 rubles per ton (100 head) to 251 rubles per ton (2000 head), production volume – from 908 t to 18180 t correspondingly. Production cost of super fertilizer Agrovit-Kor differs from 607 rubles per ton (100 head) to 970 rubles per ton (2000 head) under the increasing of the production volume from 3205 t to 64093 t.


Scientific Journal of Russian RDI of Melioration Problems

ISSN : 2222-1816